The third guideline of Florida-Accommodating Landscaping™ is "Prepare Fittingly." It's not generally important to treat your plants or yard. Plants have shifting supplement needs relying upon the species, the age of the plant, and its area. A dirt test can assist you with understanding what supplements are available in your dirt. This is a significant advance to assist you with choosing what, assuming any, supplements you should add. When searching for compost, "weed and feed" items are not suggested for a Florida-Accommodating scene. 

Right Compost, Correct Spot

"Weed and feed" items contain manure joined with weed executioners (pre-developing herbicides). While it might appear to be a life hack to apply these items on the double, truly they are bound to hurt your scene than help. 

"Weed and feed" items regularly leave either of the items less successful. This is on the grounds that the proper planning is frequently extraordinary for pre-new herbicides and manures. For the most part, pre-developing herbicides ought to be applied a whole lot sooner in the year than is fitting to apply composts. Applying either, or both, of these items at some unacceptable season makes them less successful. 

Moreover, "weed and feed" items can harm a few trees and bushes. Their root frameworks can reach out a long ways past the shelter dribble line, where they intermix with turf and ingest the herbicide from the "weed and feed" item. 

A reality particularly significant for Florida mortgage holders is that the pre-developing herbicides contained in these prodcuts can really hurt yards whenever applied when temperatures are above 90°F for three continuous days. This phototoxic impact can make a great deal of mischief a yard that was beneficial in the first place. 

As usual, it is essential to totally peruse the whole bundling mark prior to utilizing any item. Also, make certain to follow the most recent UF/IFAS proposals with respect to ideal application rates, timings, and equations, which will be distinctive for various plants. Herbicides and pesticides should just be applied to influenced territories, not transmission over the whole yard—as is finished with "weed and feed" items. 

So recall, while from the start it might appear to be a life hack, utilizing "weed and feed" on your Florida yard is probably going to cost you over the long haul. The way to choosing a manure is understanding what supplements your plants need. Before you treat, contact your nearby UF/IFAS Augmentation office to get a dirt test and allude to the record General Proposals for Preparation of Turfgrasses on Florida Soils.